RiverWare Assists International Commission in Historic Minute 319 Agreement

After decades of degradation, a newly signed binational agreement promises to give the Colorado River Delta a second chance at life. With flows rarely reaching the Pacific Ocean, the Colorado River Delta has begun to disappear as water resource needs in the dry southwest region of the United States pushes water demand to its edge. Recognizing the critical need for action, restoration, and long-term planning to create a more balanced management of the Southwest’s valuable water resource, an International Commission signed Minute 319 on November 20, 2012.

The Center for Advanced Decision Support for Water and Environmental Systems at the University of Colorado Boulder is proud to know that their RiverWare system modeling tool was used throughout the development of 319 as a platform for gathering data on how resource decisions would impact the delta both short and long-term and helped with responsive forecasting and operational policy evaluation for the partnering agencies working to develop solutions to restore the Colorado river delta.

"The RiverWare model of the Colorado River was used extensively and collaboratively by Reclamation, the states, the NGOs and the government of Mexico during the discussion and negotiation process that culminated in Minute 319,” said Dr. Edith Zagona, Director of CADSWES. “Sharing the models, allowing each party and stakeholder to verify the outcomes of proposed plans and to perform their own what-if scenarios, has been the ultimate goal of the RiverWare software since its inception. We are delighted that the tools contribute to successful negotiations such as Minute 319 and the historic Interim Guidelines for Lower Basin Shortages signed in 2007."

To learn more about the historic Minute 319 agreement visit:

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Relief for a Parched Delta


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