Outreach Overview

CADSWES researchers participate in many activities beyond those specific to funded R&D – we are constantly engaged in efforts to educate, transfer technical knowledge to the professional water management community, assist worthy efforts around the world, collaborate with others, and organize, host or contribute to events that promote sharing technical and scientific information. These activities, close to home and in distant places, keep us current and connected.


  • RiverWare Training classes – we provide 20-30 days of training per year in the use of RiverWare and other CADSWES DSS tools. Typically over 100 people per year attend classes at CADSWES or remote locations, including professionals from federal, state and local water management agencies, utilities, consultants, NGOs, research institutes and other universities
  • Graduate Water Resources classes – we provide material and expertise in the use of CADSWES DSS tools to students at CU and other universities to help teach the principles of integrated water resources management
  • Serve on graduate committees of student at other institutions, including foreign universities.

Technology Transfer

  • We host water resources professionals who spend time at the Center working side-by-side with us on building models, developing policy sets and solving problems.
  • The annual RiverWare User Group Meeting brings a large group of users together to  share their applications, learn about new features of the software, and provide feedback and input to the CADSWES R&D team.

The Local and Global Community

We participate in local efforts like the Boulder Electric Utility Municipalization Study and international efforts such as the Nile Basin Initiative’s Decision Support System. We convened a session on hydropower optimization at the fall 2012 AGU meeting and served on DOE’s Review of its Water and Hydropower Research Program.


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