Water Accounting in RiverWare set for May 23 - 25, 2017

CO river near Blythe with accounting terminology text boxes

The next Water Accounting in RiverWare training class is set for Tuesday - Thursday. May 23 - 25, 2017. The class description and more registration information are available on the RiverWare website. The course is for users who have already completed the Introduction to Simulation Modeling course and Rulebased Simulation Modeling course.

Water ownership is modeled in RiverWare via a network of account objects that are associated with the simulation objects on the workspace. The accounting network of objects keeps track of the “paper water” as distinct from the “wet water” modeled by the simulation objects. The ownership, water type and other user-defined attributes of water ownership are tracked through the network of objects; at each object at each timestep it is possible to view the water accounting data. A separate view of the RiverWare workspace is available to view the accounts on objects and their linkages.Go to our water accounting and water rights information on the RiverWare page.




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