Edith Zagona


Email: zagona@colorado.edu

Edie Zagona joined CADSWES in 1988 and has been the director since 2001. She is a Research Professor in the Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering Department. She received her PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from CU-Boulder, MS and BS degrees in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University and the University of Arizona, and spent eight years with the Bureau of Reclamation planning and designing water development projects. Zagona has led a multi-disciplinary team at CADSWES in the research and development of RiverWare since its inception in 1993; the model-based decision support tool for multi-objective river, reservoir and hydropower planning and management is now widely used by water managers, agencies, utilities, researchers and consultants.

She continues to provide technology transfer and extend the DSS tools while also leading research projects in the areas of sustainable water resources planning and management under uncertainty, simulation and optimization modeling of hydrologic and hydraulic systems, multi-objective reservoir operations, reliability of environmental flows, hydropower optimization and adaptation to climate change. She serves on various advisory and review boards including the DOE’s Wind and Water Power Peer Review Team and is a technical advisor to the Nile Basin Initiative’s Decision Support System development.       


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