Gwendolyn Miller

General Professional/Tech Transfer Coordinator


Gwen Miller is a GP at CADSWES, with her primary focus on Technology Transfer activities regarding the RiverWare DSS tool developed there and licensed through the CU Technology Transfer Office (TTO). She is a liaison between RiverWare licensees and CADSWES / TTO as well as within the center. Gwen maintains the CRM data base for the center, disseminates important  communications to RiverWare users and water management community and offers basic support services. She also serves as the primary Administrative Assistant for the center. Gwen earned her BS in Marketing from Northern Illinois University and has participated in  several professional development programs offered by CU over the last 6+ years. Prior to this position, she has managed her own small business in Glenwood Springs CO, and worked with Boulder Valley and Jefferson County Schools.


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