Water Accounting in RiverWare set for May 23 - 25, 2017

CO river near Blythe with accounting terminology text boxes

The next Water Accounting in RiverWare training class is set for Tuesday - Thursday. May 23 - 25, 2017. The class description and more registration information are available on the RiverWare website. The course is for users who have already completed the Introduction to Simulation Modeling course and Rulebased Simulation Modeling course.


Introduction to Simulation Training Class

RiverWare Training class in progress at CADSWES

The most recent Introduction to Simulation in RiverWare 3 day training class was held April 19 -21, 2017.This course is the ideal place to learn about RiverWare and begin modeling. For more detailed information about it, see our RiverWare training class offerings or go to the RiverWare training classes page


2016 RiverWare User Group Meeting

collage of attendees at the 2016 UGM

The most recent RiverWare User Group Meeting was held Agust 23 -24, 2016. It was a very successful event, attended by over 100 people from various groups involved with the water management community. A  list of the presentations and attendees is available here.


Two Training Classes Scheduled

Instructor assisting training attendees

The next Rulebased Simulation in RiverWare class has been set for April 27 -29, 2016, for more class details go to the RiverWare Training page or click to see the announcement

The next Introduction to Simulation Modeling has been set for May 11 - 13, 2016, for more class details go to the RiverWare Training page or click to see the announcement


Successful 2015 RiverWare User Group Meeting

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The 15th RiverWare User Group meeting on February 3 and 4 was attended by over 80 RiverWare users from federal, state and local water managment agencies, hydropower utilitites, consulting firms and research institutes. Users presented their Riverware applications and CADSWES R&D team demonstrated new and upcoming software features. The agenda, attendees and presentations can be seen here.


Methodology to Assess the Value of Integrated Hydropower and Wind Generation

wind turbine and solar panels with flatirons

Mitch Clement has been selected to present some current work "A Methodology to Assess the Value of Integrated Hydropower and Wind Generation" at the CEATI Hydropower Operations and Planning Workshop: Renewable Energy Supply Reliability: Forecasting Uncertainties of Water, Wind and Solar, taking place on November 14-15, 2013 in San Diego, CA


RiverWare Market Assessment presented in Annual CU CleanTech Presentation

RiverWare, the CADSWES created and supported river modeling software, was one of five University of Colorado inventions presented at the annual CU CleanTech Market Assessment Program (MAP) luncheon and poster session. The program concludes months of financial and market analysis to determine the feasibility of commercializing each of the inventions. The RiverWare assessment team determined that there is a significant untapped market for RiverWare both in the U.S and abroad, that RiverWare is already financially healthy, and that a separation from the University would provide a more secure future for the federal agencies' investments in the software.



CADSWES recently launched the initial release of RiverSMART, the RiverWare Study Manager and Research Tools. This new suite of software facilitates climate change assessments and other long-term planning studies. Included are components for generating stochastic hydrologic ensembles based on historic, paleo, and climate change data and for generating alternative demand projections based on sectors and population. These are combined with a scenario manager that can execute thousands of simulations and organize the outputs for statistical analysis. The software was developed under a recently completed Reclamation WaterSMART project.


RiverWare Assists International Commission in Historic Minute 319 Agreement

After decades of degradation, a newly signed binational agreement promises to give the Colorado River Delta a second chance at life. With flows rarely reaching the Pacific Ocean, the Colorado River Delta has begun to disappear as water resource needs in the dry southwest region of the United States pushes water demand to its edge. Recognizing the critical need for action, restoration, and long-term planning to create a more balanced management of the Southwest’s valuable water resource, an International Commission signed Minute 319 on November 20, 2012.


CADSWES Wins 2012 DOI Partners in Conservation Award

Deputy Secretary of the Interior David J. Hayes today announced today the 2012 “Partners in Conservation” Awards to 17 organizations that have achieved exemplary conservation results through public-private cooperation and community engagement. Together, the 17 award recipients represent more than 700 individuals and organizations from across the United States.



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