CADSWES is a unique and exciting interdisciplinary research center environment for students, faculty, professional research staff, scientists and water management professionals.  Focusing on R&D of innovative decision support software, transfer of technologies to professionals, and research in water systems modeling, hydropower optimization, improving water management and adapting to climate change, the Center is closely tied to both the academic community and water management agencies. The resulting synergy provides both tools and techniques for sustainable, integrated natural resource management and knowledgeable individuals to apply them.

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RiverWare Assists International Commission in Historic Minute 319 Agreement

Improving hydropower operational models for high penetrations of variable generation in the Western United States

RiverWare Market Assessment presented in Annual CU CleanTech Presentation

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CO river near Blythe with accounting terminology text boxes
Tuesday, 25/04/17
The next Water Accounting in RiverWare training class is set for Tuesday - Thursday. May 23 - 25, 2017. The class description and more registration information are available on the RiverWare website. The course is for users who have already completed the Introduction to Simulation Modeling course and Rulebased Simulation Modeling course. Water... + continue reading
RiverWare Training class in progress at CADSWES
Wednesday, 22/02/17
The most recent Introduction to Simulation in RiverWare 3 day training class was held April 19 -21, 2017.This course is the ideal place to learn about RiverWare and begin modeling. For more detailed information about it, see our RiverWare training class offerings or go to the RiverWare training classes page + continue reading
collage of attendees at the 2016 UGM
Thursday, 01/09/16
The most recent RiverWare User Group Meeting was held Agust 23 -24, 2016. It was a very successful event, attended by over 100 people from various groups involved with the water management community. A  list of the presentations and attendees is available here. The RiverWare User Group Meeting is currently held on a sesquiennial... + continue reading


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